Anymore (#43 of 262)

by Brendan Milburn

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This is the forty-third of my proposed 262 song-a-weeks. If you wanna see the video, it's here: -- and if you want to help me keep doing this, throw me a buck a song at my Patreon:


Hey, I don't miss you anymore.
I put your memories in a cardboard box in the trash room, on the floor
if anybody wants them in their apartment, they might add something to the décor,
but I don't need them, 'cause I don't miss you anymore.

Hey, I don't think about you much
You were a bruise that ached and throbbed, you were all tender to the touch
but you know what they say, time heals all wounds and etcetera and such.
there's no scarring, and I don't think about you much.

and for a while there, it felt like you were oxygen
or water in the desert, or a bowl of soup after a hunger strike
but you stopped calling and you went and changed your locks and then
you weren't there when I needed you
and it made you really really really hard to like.

so there's no twinge of sadness now
I woke up feeling not in pain and said oh gee, by golly, wow.
I feel like I'm getting my braces off and my smile looks brighter than before,
I feel like a starfish growing back arm number five after getting cut down to four
I feel like you tore a big chunk out of my chest, and breathing became quite a chore
but I'm breathing fine and dandy today,
and you'll prob'ly never hear this anyway
but if I saw you again, here's just what I would say:
I don't miss you anymore.


released July 31, 2017
all singing and instrumenting and producering by Brendan Milburn.
Thanks to PublicCo for the photo from Unsplash.
(c) 2017 by Brendan Milburn, my hat music (ASCAP)
administered by WB Music Corp



all rights reserved


Brendan Milburn Seattle, Washington

Brendan Milburn writes songs and is a stay-at-home dad. Sometimes he writes musicals, songs for animated movies, shows for Disney parks and cruise lines. He used to play in a band called GrooveLily. He is trying to loosen the heck up after being tightly wound for a long time. ... more

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