Terrified (#40 of 262)

by Brendan Milburn

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This is the fortieth of my proposed 262 song-a-weeks. If you wanna see the video, it's here: youtu.be/82G0qTEPL0s -- and if you want to help me keep doing this, throw me a buck a song at my Patreon: www.patreon.com/BrendanMilburn


i have been terrified
i start at the slightest sound
the squeak of a mouse in this haunted house
makes my feeble heart begin to pound

i have been terrified
of all that might come to pass
of what might go wrong this whole day long
of what i might see in that old looking glass

for what scares me the most is a singular ghost
who's unwilling to leave me alone
for no matter what I might do to distract him, he's tenacious, he's undaunted
he is there every night when i turn out the light
he is there when i pick up the phone
he is there when i think i have driven him out - he's the fellow who keeps this house haunted

i have sought some way out
and yet i remain inside
each hallway, each door
leads to one hallway more
and the exit, i find,
is locked deep in my mind
you can run, you can flee,
but you'll never be free
of your haunted house
while you remain terrified.


released July 16, 2017
all singing and instrumenting and producering by Brendan Milburn.
Photo from used werner22brigitte on pixabay - thank you!
The music and the arrangement are copyright (c) 2017 by Brendan Milburn, my hat music (ASCAP)
administered by WB Music Corp



all rights reserved


Brendan Milburn Seattle, Washington

Brendan Milburn writes songs and is a stay-at-home dad. Sometimes he writes musicals, songs for animated movies, shows for Disney parks and cruise lines. He used to play in a band called GrooveLily. He is trying to loosen the heck up after being tightly wound for a long time. ... more

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