You Did It Wrong. (#42 of 262)

by Brendan Milburn

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This is the forty-second of my proposed 262 song-a-weeks. If you wanna see the video, it's here: -- and if you want to help me keep doing this, throw me a buck a song at my Patreon:


you need more ironic distance
you need more sardonic chuckles
you need more sarcastic humor
you need more brass on your knuckles
you need more beef in your sandwich
you need to be cooler and surlier
you need more man in your manwich
you know, you shoulda started earlier.

you did it wrong!
go wipe the slate clean!
is that the best you can do?
well that's the worst that we've seen!
the audience booed!
they gave you the gong!
you screwed the pooch and now you're screwed, pal!
you did it wrong.

you need clearer motivations
you need more romance and drama
you need 3-d animations
you need lots of blunt-force trauma
you need us to feel the passion
you need us to feel the hunger
you need the latest trends in fashion
you need someone like you but younger

you did it wrong,
you'll never be rich
you should go back to school,
go back to digging that ditch
try again and you'll blow it,
go back to playing ping pong
you suck and you know it, pal
you did it wrong.

you need more fairy tales and unicorns and rainbows
you need more "sparkle sparkle sparkle" in your song
you need more hearts and flowers if you want to gain those
crucial youthful influencers, let me take a look - oh, you did it wrong.

you did it wrong.
fail early and often.
go put your inner editor
in a frickin' soundproof coffin.
get back in the saddle.
it's where you belong.
now get out there and get back into battle.
you did it wrong.


released July 31, 2017
all singing and instrumenting and producering by Brendan Milburn.
Thanks to Alex Rodriguez Santibanez for the photo from Unsplash.
(c) 2017 by Brendan Milburn, my hat music (ASCAP)
administered by WB Music Corp



all rights reserved


Brendan Milburn Seattle, Washington

Brendan Milburn writes songs and is a stay-at-home dad. Sometimes he writes musicals, songs for animated movies, shows for Disney parks and cruise lines. He used to play in a band called GrooveLily. He is trying to loosen the heck up after being tightly wound for a long time. ... more

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